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The annual volume of goods handled at the Victoria Harbour is around 2-3 million tons - mainly coal, limestone, scrap metal and other raw materials for the steel and mining industries. 

Four cranes, with a radius of action of up to 30 m. outside the quay and with a maximum lifting capacity of 20-40 tons when operating with a hook, guarantee fast and efficient handling. Here there is also a fixed 20-m. wide ro-ro ramp. 

The length of the quay is 770 metres. The eastern part, the coal pier, has a length of 250 metres and is mainly used for unloading coal. The inner side of the coal pier is 200 metres long and there is the possibility of direct transloading from vessel to vessel.

Close to the quay there is a railway, large asphalt storage areas and indoor storage facilities. Fresh water is supplied through standpipes along the quay and it is possible to connect electricity (63 A).

Photograph: Maria Åsén

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